for the sake of

I am writing for the sake of writing, for the sake of habit, not particularly knowing what I want to say. Same things as the last post…the need for patience. I spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks drawing the basic objects–coffee cups, my thumbs, and being unhappy with the results. Some of the most productive time I spent was, again, drawing parallel lines, this time with pencil, trying to lay down a consistent, light shade.

I feel about art the way I remember feeling about writing as a high school student, a bit frantic, and full of potential: What IS writing? What are its parts? How do you do this?–write in such a way that satisfies readers and keep the eyes on the page? I’ve been making little drawings for the web for 9 years now and in the last 2 made some ventures into 3 space (paintings, papier-maché, collages), I finally feel the need (and the courage) to pursue basic skills.

I just signed up for one class and two workshops for the fall at the UC Berkeley ASUC Art Studio:

Introduction to Portrait Drawing
Jewelry Workshop: Basic Wire Work
Mat Cutting Workshop

On a different note, here’s a recent photo from a trip to the Botanical Garden in the parks near Niagara Falls.


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