Egyptian Gods

by Olivia and Asa

As we have learned, religion was an important part of Egyptian life.

There are many Egyptian gods, we chose to focus on three: Osiris, Ra,and Thoth


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Time Period: Old Kingdom

Description: Osiris appears in human form with a mummified body.  He wears a conical shaped hat known as the Atef crown.  This crown is tall and has a plume on each side as well as a ram’s horn at the base.  Osiris holds two scepters, one a crook and the other a flail.  These are scepters of kingship. 

Image by Jeff Dahl 

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 Belief: Osiris is the Egyptian god of the Underworld, and known as the god of death and rebirth.  At first he represented fertility and abundance and the vegetation cycle as well as the flooding of the Nile.  He is often associated with royalty and is omnipresent in their tombs.  


Ra (Amun Ra)

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Time Period: Late 2nd Dynasty, matured through 5th Dynasty

Description: A man with a falcon’s head (or just a complete falcon), wears a sun disk crown.

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Belief: Ra is the god of the Sun in Ancient Egyptian theology. He is thought to sail across the sky on a boat called the “Barque of a Million Years”. At the end of each day Ra is swallowed by the goddess of the night, Nut. He then travels through the Underworld with a head of a Ram, sailing through the twelve doors, which represented each hour of the night. Thoth steers the boat, although Ma’at guides the boat’s course. Other gods are said to assist in Ra’s safe journey, because if the dangerous waters of the Underworld touch Ra, the sun will be extinguished. Solar eclipses are attributed to Ra’s journey failing. If he makes the journey safely, he is reborn each morning.


Time Period: Ruled for 3220 years

Description: Man with head of  an Ibis, sometimes just a full bird

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Belief: Thoth is the God of the Moon, and the keeper of the Divine and also patron of History. He is a scribe and a god of knowledge.

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