02 Class Agenda 6/23; Homework due 6/25

1. A few more introductions

2. Brainstorm: What is a civilization?

3. Quick draw: As a way of gathering your thoughts before we look at some art from Ancient Mesopotamia, I would like you to make 3 quick drawings (stick figures are fine). These drawings should address 3 major themes in Mesopotamian art:

1) Religious devotion
2) Cosmology (The nature of the universe)
3) Power relationships and political dominance

4. Discuss results of quick draw.

5. Guided Internet Exploration: Mesopotamia


6. Guided Internet Exploration: Ancient Egypt

7. Drama activity: The Book of the Dead

8. Partner projects: Egypt. Work with a partner or in a group of three to create a presentation. You may suggest your own topic (subject to the instructor’s approval), or work on one of the following topics:

Egyptian Gods
New Kingdom Temples
Sarcophagi from the Old and New Kingdom
Shabti figures
The Ptolemaic period
Important materials in Egyptian Art (gold, faieance, lapis lazuli, schist, etc)
El-Fayum funerary portraits

Your information should come from websites where the author or source is clearly stated. Consider working with websites from museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, or the Louvre. (Unfortunately, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo does not have an informative web site.)

9. Presentation of Partner Projects

Homework Due Friday, June 25

Reading: Gombrich Chapters 3 & 4; Handouts on Mesopotamian, Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenaean cultures.

Weekly Independent Research Write-Up (with sources!): See your Course Expectations handout for a description of the Weekly Research Writeup.