Extra Credit: What We Neglect

By Stephany Ma
While looking through “The B-List”, I noticed that most of the art that we would study would be the Hellenistic art, that is Greek art. I don’t know what we would learn if we spent a whole year on art history, but it seems that we neglect many cultures. The B-List goes from cave paintings to the first civilizations that later influeced the Greek and Roman civilizations. Asian art is mostly Chinese and Japanese.

These are all important pieces of works, but it lead me to think about more cultures that weren’t affected by the Greeks or Romans.

Aboriginal Art is art from the native people in the Australian continent. Much of the art has been destroyed because of the British needs.
The Aboriginal Art is famous for their dot paintings like this one that is a picture of some turtles and jellyfish. Early dot paintings were used in the desert with rocks, flowers, and feathers representing the dots. Nowadays, since 1970’s, people have been using acrylic paints to make the dot paintings.

There are so many cultures that have been lost, and this culture is on the verge of extinction because the Aboriginal people are being treated just like we treat the Native Americans in the USA. The dot paintings were made to represent the Dreamtime song. A dreamtime song is this long story that has multiple storys within the story. The story was passed down orally because writing was not used in their culture. Though dot paintings are relatively new, the shapes represented different symbols. For example a filled oval represented a shield. For more shapes, click here(it should be the second picture).

There are so many things that we can’t learn in six weeks but at least we can learn a little more about how their art is seen today, and how they see the world today.