04 Class agenda 6/28; Homework due 6/30

1. Review for Test 1

2. Test 1

3. Break

4. Internet Exploration: Egyptian Art Wrap-up

5. Slide lecture: Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenaean art and architecture

6. Break

7. Warriors and Guardians—As time permits

Homework Due Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reading: Gombrich, Chapters 5-6; AP scoring guide to The Dying Gaul

Analytic Writing: Write a 2- to 3- page paper about what you learned from your historical fiction reading. How would you describe the world view of the main character or characters? What are the character’s values, and what is important to this character? If relevant, write about how the characters experienced the artwork or other cultural expressions of their own place and time in history. (25 points)

The following assignment is now due, Friday, July 2:

Writing: On the course weblog, post a 2-paragraph comment about an important work of art that should be on the “B-list” but is not. (5 points)