Extra Credit Possibilities

As mentioned in the syllabus, you may earn up to 30 extra credit points per week. This is a great opportunity to keep up or improve your grade. Here are some possibilities:

Note: I am adding one requirement for the extra credit option. Extra credit should not replace the regular assignments, so you will not be able to receive your extra credit points at the end of the session unless you have handed in all written assignments and taken all tests.

• Create a study guide on the course website for a given day’s class work. It can include class notes and/or supplementary materials from the web. (Let me know if you want to do this on a particular day. I will try to give an opportunity to everyone who wants to try this.) Up to 20 points. Score depends on thoroughness and accuracy.

• Create a page on the website on a topic, individual artist, or work of art that we have not covered in class. Up to 20 points. Score depends on thoroughness and accuracy.

• Create a photo essay on the website out of your own photographs. Include text that interprets art-related photographs that you have taken. Up to 20 points. Score depends on thoroughness and accuracy.


Take pictures of architectural details in your neighborhood and research the names and origins or these architectural features.

Post photos from a trip you took (in or out of the Bay Area), and describe your first-person experience of the art or architecture.

• Write an additional paper that expands or deepens your knowledge of the subjects we are studying. Up to 30 points…10 points per beautifully written, thoughtful page.

• Create a work of art in response to the work of another artist. Include a statement that describes your creative process and your engagement with the other artist’s work.

Score depends on the substantiveness of your response to the artwork—on the evidence that you have learned something through this process, and not on an aesthetic judgment of your work. You may bring in the artwork itself or send.

Up to 25 points. 5 additional points for posting a page on the website about the work or for making a 5-minute presentation to the class.

• Keep a multi-media journal or scrapbook with creative responses to artworks you are studying. Include drawings, scribblings, magazine cuttings, printed out images, altered images, bits of art materials, questions, comments, emotions, whatever. Up to 5 points per substantive, thoughtful, energetic page.

Here are some examples of what an art history scrapbook or journal page might look like:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Example 9

Example 10

If you have another idea for an extra credit project, let me know. I am open to ideas that further your learning or that of the class as a whole.