photographs and notes from Notre Dame de Paris

In the summer of 2006, I visited Paris with my family. After a dramatic episode where our family/friends group was split into three groups (two groups, twice) because the metro train doors closed too fast, we finally managed to find ourselves at the Notre Dame de Paris. Studying Gothic cathedrals reminded me about the photographs we snapped of the cathedral on that cloudy day; unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly from what part of the cathedral most of these pictures are from. However looking back, it can be said that we were all suitably awestruck by the massive structure and its essentially class walls–enough so to snap photographs of each overwhelmingly detailed window we came across.

Unlike Grace Cathedral, which is mostly plain gray and beige brick surface on the inside, the interior of Notre Dame de Paris is richly decorated and colored, not only with bright colors but also with bold patterns. The windows also use bright colors, but the pieces are arranged in a much more geometrical pattern. They lack the freestyle quality of the Grace Cathedral windows, but the scenes they depict are easy to perceive, whereas even the written words in the Grace Cathedral windows require much deciphering to even locate.

To view the image in full size, click the thumbnail in the gallery below, then click the distorted thumbnail that comes up as a result.

Written by Alina Zhu

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