Flashcards Galore

So, I made a Quizlet group for us.

It’s called “The Flying Ninja Turtles”. The name is courtesy of Tina, so the password to join the group is naturally “Tina”. It is here: http://quizlet.com/group/61885/

Quizlet is an online flashcard maker. You can also test your vocabulary/knowledge of terminology in various other scintilating ways. Feel free to add your own sets of the vocab. I’ve uploaded a set of most B-List images, so you can just remix that particular set.

Edit: I have finished uploading all the B-List art pieces with names. I’ll get a sets of flashcards with artist names and period names later.

Oh and join the group. (You can easily make a quizlet account just by using your facebook. Nifty.)

Love from Linda.

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