Medieval Art Styles

Anglo-Saxon Art (c. 500-1066 CE)

Burial hoard inside the remnants of a wooden ship.
Features ceremonial weapons, gold accessories
Millefiore designs
Knot patterns shared by Scandinavian and Celtic cultures

The Sutton Hoo Treasure (c. 600-800 CE)

Christian Celtic Art

Merovingian Art, (482–751 CE)

Carolingian Art (751–911 CE)

Ottonian, aka “The Holy Roman Empire” (936-1024 CE)

Bishop Bernward’s Doors, Hildesheim, Germany (1015 CE)

Romanesque Art & Architecture, (c. 1000-1200 CE)

Romanesque Capitals

More Romanesque Capitals

Conques Abbey

Conques Tympanum

Gothic (1140-1520)

Chartres Cathedral



The Gothic International Style

Tres Riches Heures of the Duc de Berry

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