Study Questions 03: Ancient Egypt

1. Why do we talk about Ancient Egyptian history in terms of Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms? What’s the historical background on this division?

2. Describe the origins and development of the Egyptian-style pyramid. (Where did the idea come from? How did newer pyramids innovate on older ones?)

3. What’s a palette? Why would the Egyptians have carved King Narmer’s story on one? Don’t worry if this isn’t clear to you yet. Just think it through as best you can.

4. Discuss the possible meanings of the Narmer Palette, as detailed in ATTA. What are the most important ideas conveyed there, and how are they conveyed?

5. How do the statues of Khafre and Menkaure convey Ancient Egyptian ideals about kingship?

6.Why is the Amarna period such a big deal in art history?

7. Discuss three important pyramids from the Middle Kingdom and three from the New Kingdom. Hint: this is a trick question. Explain why this is a trick question.

8. What is Ptolemaic Egypt?

9. Make a quick list of religious beliefs that influence Egyptian art. Number them according to how important they seem to have been to the Egyptians. Choose one of these beliefs and discuss the ways it is reflected in two of the artworks in this chapter.

10. ATTA makes a distinction between “stereotypical” and “anecdotal” portrayals. Explain the difference, using specific examples.

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